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Violet's Special Act

Text by Amber L. Jackson

Illustrated by Ewa O'Neill

Clowns, tricks, magic, and acrobats... These are the images that come to mind when I think about the circus. 

Everyone has experienced the circus at least once in their childhood, and keeps those memories forever.

I remember the Russian circus arriving in our little town in Western Poland during the communist era. 

It was fascinating, beautiful, and exotic for a small child like I was.

For the book called "Violet’s Special Act" written by Amber L. Jackson, the context was the circus from days gone by. 

I dusted off my memories and dove into the world of this magical place to illustrate a story of a little elephant who needs to overcome her fears and fulfill her dreams. She wants to become a high-flying circus acrobat, but not many people believe it can happen. But are not our dreams stronger than anything?

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