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My name is Ewa and I create illustrations.

I sketch, paint, draw, cut up, tear up, peel off and glue back again.

I create illustrations with watercolors, acrylics, crayons, pencils

... with whatever I can and wherever I can. To tell stories.

I illustrate books for children, games, educational activities ...

I work for publishing houses, individual writers and sometimes for myself for pure pleasure.

Would you like to know
few more spicy bits?


I graduated in Interior Architecture from  the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland. I still design interiors, and my favorites are children's rooms - here as in illustrations - I can tell amazing stories.

I also studied Film Animation for a year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Croatia.

I finished the illustration course at the Open Collage of Arts.

For several years I worked as a graphic designer and art director in advertising agencies in the UK.


I live in Switzerland now. I look at Mont Blanc from my window, but so far I have lived in 8 countries. Most amazing? Sierra Leone and Nepal.

Yes, yes, today I am watching the Alps, but until recently I woke up with a view of the Himalayas.

I didn't see the yeti there, but never say never.


My most amazing job?

As a volunteer - graphic designer at a chimpanzee sanctuary in Sierra Leone.I love nature and adventure. And trips to the jungle and spending time with these animals was an adventure of a lifetime.

I felt like in an enchanted world.


How did I start to illustrate?

I made my first illustrated book when I was 5 years old. Unfortunately, it disappeared in the depths of time. And light years later, I got proposal to illustrate educational books for UNICEF. And you know what? I wanted to refuse ... luckily it did not, because apart from interesting work I discovered my passion.


When I was little, I was always up to mischief. I liked climbing tall trees.

This made my parents dizzy and got myself into trouble.

But no, I don't like to look down on people. Maybe I just wanted to see everything from a different perspective? (It always useful)


I love colors. I'm addicted to them. They make my heart beat faster.

I tell myself it's because I grew up in gray, post-communist Poland.

At that time, I was looking at colorful catalogs sent by my aunt from France. And I was sold.

And then I lived in Africa and Asia - which are swirling with bright hues and now I can't do without color. (My friends can confirm this). For breakfast I have a glass of pink mixed with lilac and sprinkled with cobalt.


At the age of 8, I had my first exhibition at school.

It was an exhibition of the sweaters I knitted. There were no colors in the shops, but there were colorful yarns and a lovely, patient grandma who taught me how to knit


Now I don't knit anymore, but I will be happy to illustrate something.

Come to me for a colorful feast

My published work:

‘Shool Sanitation Hygiene Education’  . Books and Toolkit for schools . UNICEF . Sierra Leone . 2009  | ‘Read What I Write’  . Series of educational books . UNICEF . Ministry of Education. Sierra Leone . 2010 | ‘A Polar Bear's Tale  . Tiffiny Aasen .  Nepal . UK  . 2011 | ‘Zoe und Jeremy retten einen Tiger’ . by Denise Probst .  Switzerland . 2012 | ‘Powrot Barbarzyncow i nie’  . Biuro Literackie . illustration for poem by Marcin Baran . Poland . 2013 | ‘The Nutons Kitchen’  . Cotcotcot  publishing . Belgium . 2013 | ‘I Want a Dog: My Opinion Essay’  . by Darcy Pattison . Mims House . USA . 2014 |I Want a Cat: My Opinion Essay’ . by Darcy Pattison . Mims House . USA . 2014 |‘My Crazy Dog: My Narrative Essay’ . by Darcy Pattison . Mims House . USA . 2015 |‘Rowdy: The Pirate Who could not Sleep’ . by Darcy Pattison . Mims House . USA . 2015 |"где были ручки?‘  . Svetlana Lebedeva . USA . 2016 |Kapitalne lamiglowki’ . illustrated card games . Kapitan Nauka series . Edgard Publishing  . Poland . 2016 |‘Violets’ Special Act’  . by Amber L. Jackson . USA . 2017 | WSiP – illustratons for Polish School Books . Poland . 2017 Kapitalne lamiglowki’ . illustrated card games . Kapitan Nauka series . Edgard Publishing  . Poland . 2018 |"Wimfiddle finds his voice" . by Amber L. Jackson . USA . 2018 |"Rex and the Stolen Monncakes" . by Amber L. Jackson . USA . 2020 - to be published |"Big Mammas' Tales" . by Sabrina Mahtani . UK . 2021 - to be published ‘Adventures of Little Hands’ . by Svetlana Lebedeva . USA . Ukraine . 2021  - to be published

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